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Piano Movers in Sacramento, CA

Are you looking for an affordable piano moving company in Sacramento? It is not easy to move a piano because it is very heavy and has an awkward shape. But well-trained piano movers in Sacramento will choose the best way to transport your piano to a necessary destination. Get a free quote from the top-rated piano movers by a few clicks.

While some moving companies will not move a piano, we will. We know what the job involves and the skill it takes to move your much-loved instrument.

You can trust us to move your piano to your new property because:

  • We Care – We know how important your piano is to you and we take care to make sure it’s delivered to you exactly as we found it. We also treat every piano as if it was our own, taking a great deal of care with it at any given moment.
  • We Protect – Using our protective film and coverings we will make sure your piano is protected every step of the way.
  • We’re Trained – We are fully trained and insured to move any piano of any age or size.
  • We can – We can move your piano over any surface or down some stairs. We have piano trolleys and carts to help us with the most difficult surfaces.
  • We have no hidden fees – We believe in being upfront and honest with you which is why we have no hidden fees.
  • We’re here 24/7 – We can move your piano when you need us to. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night.

Professional Piano Moving Services

We’re a team of piano movers who will go that extra mile for you. What’s more is we can move your piano from your home to a store, an apartment, concert hall, and back again if you wish.

Do you need someone to move multiple pianos for you? We can help. As we mentioned, we know what the job involves and the skill it takes to move a piano. We know that the legs, book stand, and other parts of the piano need to be removed prior to it being moved. Any part of the piano that is removed prior to the move will be put back after the move. It’s these little details that set us apart from any other moving company.

We’re proud of the piano moving service that we offer, and we work to ensure you’re satisfied with our service every step of the way.

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