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Oct 30

How much do movers cost for local move

Is it time to move but your budget is limited? Don’t worry since this article will tell you about the latest changes in prices for a local move and tell what they are dependent on when you turn to the moving companies for help.

No matter how far you need to relocate, it is very difficult to cope with this challenge without professional assistance. However, mover services cost money and not every person is sure to have enough cash to cover them. Therefore, it is necessary to find out how much the average local move costs and on what circumstances there can be an increase to be confident that the funds you have are enough to pay for the moving services.

The average cost of the local move

The main difference in the local and interstate moves is a distance to cover, therefore local relocation is also known as intrastate one since there is no need to cross the border between the states. Other experts consider moves local if this distance is less than 100 miles. Moreover, different companies may increase or decrease this distance according to their own rules as well as prefer different ways of moving cost calculations which will influence the price as well.

Some movers charge money based on the cargo weight while others consider an hourly rate first of all. In addition, every company has a limit in the distance which is included in the standard cost of services and everything that is over it is charged by mileage. If to speak about the hourly rate relocating locally under 100 miles, it is necessary to prepare $80 – $100 per hour for a pair of movers. At the same time, the cost of moving locally is also dependent on the volume and weight of things moved since with the bigger area to move the number of working hours increases too:

  • Moving 1-bedroom home with the freight weight of 3,500 pounds requires 3-5 hours of work and costs $200 – $500 on average;
  • Moving 2-bedroom home with the freight weight of 5,000 pounds requires 5-7 hours of work and costs $400 – $700 on average;
  • Moving 3-bedroom home with the freight weight of 10,000 pounds requires 7-10 hours of work and costs $600 – $1,000 on average.

These calculations are made on the basis of standard company measurements and can be changed on the basis of some factors. Moreover, some of the companies offer a flat rate on short-distance moves not to avoid making estimates separately. It is equal to the number of hours spent by movers multiplied by the hourly rate charged by the company. Sometimes, it is cheaper to turn to companies with a flat rate if there are no hidden fees.

Factors to impact the price of the local move

Every company has a standard package of moving services included in the cost of the relocation, but any changes to this plan will result in the amount of the local move estimate too. What exactly can make you pay more to movers?

The number of movers: there is always a minimum number (usually 2-3 movers) of people serving the order, but a necessity to hire a bigger team will make your total cost higher too.

Additional services: such solutions from moving companies as cleaning, assembly/disassembly, connection/disconnection, and others are usually charged extra. For example, the moving quote of the apartment moving company will be less than a commercial one because movers should move valuable equipment in the second case what requires additional moving supplies and time.

Special packing materials: if you need boxes with hangers or some special bubble wrap for coating fragile pieces, you should extend your budget frames.

Moving date and time: holidays and weekends are usually more expensive than weekdays.

Liability and valuation cost: the higher the level of protection, the more you should prepare to pay.

Location: inability to park close to the home or the absence of an elevator may have a significant impact on the moving cost.

Optional mover tipping: many clients show their gratitude to movers tipping them and these funds are not included in the cost of the move.

How to calculate the price of the local move

When a client orders a short-distance relocation, moving companies usually consider three main factors:

  • Mileage;
  • Weight;
  • Labor cost.

Most often, local relocations are charged by the hour so the final cost of relocation will depend on the number of items to be loaded and time spent by workers. You can order an estimate to understand how much the company you have chosen will ask or use a moving calculator to find out if that is affordable to you.

Local moves are usually several times cheaper than long-distance ones, but all the same, every company has its own strategy of how to calculate its price. If you want to find out the average relocation cost in your area, find 3 local movers offering free quotes and estimates like to make a comparison of their rates and services offered. As a result, you will be able to choose the most suitable and affordable variant.


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