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Jul 17

8 of the Best Sacramento Neighborhoods to Call Home

If you are thinking of moving to Sacramento chances are you’ve already started look at a few Sacramento neighborhoods. The trouble is there are quite a few to choose from. The good news is this article will help you find a neighborhood that appeals to your needs.

1. Willowcreek

Willowcreek is home to 4,000 people and the average home in the area costs around $306,000. If you choose to rent a property in Willowcreek you may have to pay around $1,400 per month. More people rent their homes in this part of Sacramento.

Willowcreek is one of Sacramento’s best neighborhoods for families as the schools are known to be quite good. There is also a good sense of community. With a history that dates back to 1915, the area is relatively safe thanks to the low incidences of crime.

2. New Era Park

Home to approximately 3,500 people, New Era Park has homes that sell for around $385,000. If you plan to move to New Era Park and rent a property you could pay $835 per month. Most people in this part of Sacramento rent their home.

When it comes to the crime levels, New Era Park has lower incidences of many violent and property crimes. The schools in the area are thought to be good and the town has a lot of boutiques, music venues, and coffee shops. Locals report that the area is continuing to prosper and grow.

New Era Park is home to Lewis Farms and Petting Zoo, Rainbow Ranch and more. This makes the area an ideal place to bring up a young family.

3. Village 9

With a population of 5,000 people, Village 9 offers homes at an average of $450,000. If you would like to rent a home in Village 9 you should expect to pay approximately $2,200. This is quite a safe neighborhood to move to as crime is low in the area.

When it comes to unemployment, the statistics show there is low unemployment which is always a good thing. The schools in Village 9 are known for their good reputation, making this part of Sacramento an ideal place to live if you have a young family.

4. Westlake

Home to around 3,500 people, Westlake is thought to be one of the best places to live in California. Quite a liberal area, the city is full of bars, and above average public schools.

The cost of homes in Westlake is approximately $427,000 whereas rental is $1,500 per month. Most people own their home in Westlake. When it comes to the area’s crime levels, the area sees a below average incidence of most crimes except for burglary that is higher.

Westlake is home to a community park, the California State Capitol Museum, and the Sacramento Zoo. The area offers easy access to the airport and downtown. It is also located on the edge of Sacramento with the trails very close by.

5. Pocket

Pocket is one of the best Sacramento neighborhoods thanks to its suburban feel and the green spaces that attract many locals. With a population of approximately 30,000 people, if you would like to buy a home in Pocket you may pay around $400,000. Rent will cost you on average $1,345 per month. Most people own their home in Pocket.

Crime in Pocket is quite low when compared to the national average. This makes it a good area to move to if you have a young family. There are plenty of parks in the area as well as the California State Railroad Museum and the Crocker Art Museum.

6. East Sacramento

East Sacramento is home to 22,500 people, some good schools, great nightlife, and some nice homes. If you plan to buy a home in East Sacramento you should expect to pay approximately $500,000. Renting in this part of California is typically $1,200 per month. Most people in the area own their home as it works out a little cheaper than renting.

A relatively safe place to live, East Sacramento is best known for McKinley Park, a 32 acre park which is ideal if you love to get out and about. Development began in the 1890s and is some to some historic neighborhoods and good schools.

7. Elmhurst

With a population of about 3,500 people, Elmhurst is one of the smaller places to live in Sacramento. Homes cost $341,000 on average with rent at approximately $1,000 per month. Most people in Elmhurst own their home.

The schools in the area are considered to be quite good and the crime rate is lower than the national average. Home to the American River Bike Trail, and Folsom Lake, Elmhurst is a good place to live if you want to be somewhere pretty but less costly than other places.

8. South Land Park

With a population of 13,000 people, South Land Park is a good place to move to. Homes in this part of Sacramento cost around $380,000. If you wish to rent a home then you could pay around $1,200 per month. Most people in South Land Park own their home.

The schools in the area are considered to be pretty good, making it an ideal place to move to if you have children. Home to William Land Park, and Fairytale Town, children are likely to enjoy growing up here. The area is also home to a Farmer’s Market and many restaurants.

Crime statistics show that South Land Park has a slightly higher crime rate than the national average. However, many locals say they feel safe living in the area.

If you have found a few neighborhoods you like the look of you may want to start visiting them so you get a real taste for them. Once you’ve made your decision it’ll be time to hire a moving company in Sacramento, CA so you can make the next step. Sacramento is a great place to live and each of the above destinations has a lot to offer prospective locals. We wish you well with your move to Sacramento.

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